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A Hidden Oasis in the Heart of Houston

You have always dreamed of having an outdoor component to your wedding! But trying to find a venue with a decent outdoor space in the heart of Houston seems like looking for a needle in a haystack. You are starting to wonder - does such a venue even exist, or are you going to have to compromise on your DREAM wedding? The Stakes are high – it is after all the biggest day of your life! At Dukessa Event Venue we get it & we are here to offer you the BEST of both worlds – A beautifully-lit private courtyard right in Houston’s prestigious Galleria Area!

Dukessa is truly a hidden oasis in Houston. Once you enter the gated courtyard you are taken to a different city entirely. The tall walls covered with greenery block out all the traffic and city noise and as you sit there enjoying your cocktail, you forget that you are walking distance from the Galleria. Our courtyard is impeccably landscaped with earthy pots and colorful flowers to create the perfect backdrop for any theme you’ve envisioned for your event. It also boasts a large waterfall and a shady oak tree. String lights light the way for your guests, draped all the way from our upstairs balcony to the fence, these lights provide the perfect ambience for your guests to mix and mingle for a memorable evening.

Our courtyard is most commonly used to host cocktails after ceremony in our Chloe-Rose Room, but can also be used for a romantic outdoor ceremony. With plenty of beautiful backdrops to choose from, our experienced venue directors can create customized floor plans that best fit your outdoor wedding vision.

Getting those stunning pictures in our beautifully-lit courtyard is one of the MUST HAVES for our Brides, consistently rating Dukessa as one of the most romantic and elegant venues in Houston.

Our other favorite outdoor spot at Dukessa is our upstairs balcony! With panoramic views of Houston, your guests will be able to step outside to get fresh air without needing to go back downstairs. The balcony is lined with floor to ceiling windows that allow you to bring the outside-in!

Interested in having your wedding day at Dukessa Event Venue? Book a tour HERE

So if you are looking for that PERFECT OUTDOOR SPACE at a venue in the Heart of Houston, look no further. Check out Dukessa and host your Memorable, Stress-Free, DREAM wedding here!

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